Depression and Heart Disease

Depression is three times more common among cardiac patients than the general population, and confers a 2.2-times higher risk of all-cause and cardiac mortality in patients with CAD. Therefore, screening for and treating depression are particularly important for cardiac patients.

Click on the links below to explore a short, interactive learning module, screening tools, clinical practice guidelines and more. 

10-Minute Interactive Learning Module on Depression & Heart Disease

CANMAT Clinical Guidelines for Management of Depression

BC Guideline: Major Depressive Disorder in Adults

Further information for Family Physicians/Nurse Practitioners at “Pathways”

Sad Hearts Infographics

Community Resources for Psychological Treatment for Heart Patients

Screening: Patient Health Questionnaire-2

Screening: Patient Health Questionnaire-9

The Choice–D Patient and Family Guide to Depression Treatment

References re: Association of Depression and Anxiety with CVD